( Formally Known as Smt. M. M. Shah Mahila Arts College, Kadi )

Opp. Highway Petrol Pump, KADI - 382715 | Dist : Mehsana (N.G) | PH : (02764) 242072
NAAC Accredited "B" Grade (CGPA 2.48)
Time :- 7.30 a.m to 1:30 p.m | Visitors - 83910
Email Id :- [email protected]
Admission Open 2024-25 |

Governing Body

About M.P.Shah Education Society, Kadi

Since India’s independence, higher education has been playing a very important and vital in the social and national development. Globalization has begun a multi face to expansion and improvement in higher education has posed a challenge for modern India and Indians to become self sufficient and self reliant. As far as girls education is concerned, they are logging for behind in these areas.

Kadi was vanguard of primary and secondary education in the Gaykwad state. Further the need for higher education, Shri M. P. Shah Education Society, Kadi was established in the year of 1963 in Kadi Taluka of Mehsana District. The town Kadi has historical importance in the state of Gujarat. Before that the trust Shri M. P. Shah Education Society name was Kadi Kelavani Hitvardhak Mandal. Which was later founded by Shri M. P. Shah. Thus with the generous donation of Shri M. P. Shah later then the new body was established M. P. Shah Education Society. Late Shri Meghjibhai Pethrajbhai Shah then C. N. Arts and B.D. Commerce College was started in this campus became the first grant-in-aid institute in the whole North Gujarat Region. It has played a vital role in the development of the town and has produced many renowned entrepreneurs and businessmen in this semi-urban region. Dr. Madhusudan C. Shah, Shri Rasikbhai Rangwala, they were high visionary and leading personalities of Kadi Taluka. After all they were founder supporter, donator. At now Smt.M.M.Shah MAhila Arts College have her own building with UGC Grant, Major  Donation of 41 Lacs from Shah Megjibhai Pethrajbhai Trust, Jamnagar, 25 Lacs from Late. Shri Rasikbhai Rangwala family, Late. Dr.Madhusudan C.  Shah family, Shri Pravinchandra Desai family, Shri Ashwinbhai Parikh, Smt.Vidhyaben Bhalubhai Desai and family  and many other Donnas.


Late.Shri M.P.Shah

Late.Shri Rashiklal N. Shah

Late.Shri Dr.M.C Shah

Late.Shri Bhalubhai Desai

Shri Shubhashbhai R. Shah

Late Smt.Maniben M.P.Shah

Late Smt.Sulochnaben C. Shah

Late Smt.Vidhyaben B Desai

Smt.Anshuyaben B. Parikh

Smt.Shadhnaben S. Shah

In Shri M.P. Shah Education Society all the respective and honorable trusties are very High Visionary, Co-operative, Active, Motivator, Donner and Suggestive for all the activities, programs and functions. They always motivate for staff members and students. In the present time in Shri M. P. Shah Education Society there are following honorable ’s trusties as under below :

1 Shri Shubhashbhai R. Shah President
2 Dr. Rajnikant B. Shah  Vice President
3 Dr.Nitinbhai S.Vora Vice President
4 Shri Jayantibhai B. Shah Vice President
5 Shri Ashwinbhai K. Parikh Secretary
6 Shri Nalinbhai M. Shah Secretary
7 Shri Devangbhai P. Desai Secretary

There are following Visions and Missions of the M.P. Shah Education Society.

  1. To establish institution of higher education for the development of healthy social structure through education and to make available college education to the students from various social structure.
  2. To develop scientific attitude in student through proper reduction, so that many become integral part of our progressive nation in the future and Merge with the main stream of the society.
  3. To stimulate attitude helpful in physical, mental, emotional and moral development of the students and raise social contacts and facilities.
  4. To keep ready for adopting to the even changing education structure and create modern teaching learning facilities, so as to suit national as well as international demand.

To update practices in higher education by the appointment of highly qualified and dedicated faculty to give them all encouragement and incentives