( Formally Known as Smt. M. M. Shah Mahila Arts College, Kadi )

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NAAC Accredited "B" Grade (CGPA 2.48)
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About Us

Mahatma Gandhi has said again and again, “Lack of Education in Women Hamper the all Round Development of the Society.”

Smt. M.M.Shah Mahila Arts College, Kadi aims at the upliftment of the society, by providing higher education to the girls along with culture. In order to fulfill the standards of excellence the college times its level best to the quality and content in education in every discipline, we strine to keep pace with the progress of knowledge. In the year of 1991 Smt. M.M. Shah Mahila Arts College, Kadi was established our trust wants to teach each daughter of kadi and every village surrounding it. To come out of their houses, be away from their chores and take advantage of education which is rightly theirs qualify if we educate our daughter, they will be independent. A new life begins for them with every second. Let us go forward joyously to meet it we must parents to impart education to their daughters. It is a great opportunity for women students. This is the only college for women in Kadi Taluka.

The college has four principal subjects Economics, Psychology, Sanskrit and Gujarati same subject are running as a first subsidiary subject and we follow the university prescribed syllabus. The Institute shares the resources with its sister college C.N. Arts & B.D. Commerce College which are well equipped Library, a Sports Room, a Psychology Laboratory, Language Lab, a Faculty Reading Room with computer with internet facility, a NSS office, an auditorium with a capacity of four hundred students, a Ladies Room, an Administrator office, Principal’s office, a Management office, College Women Development Cell, Network Resource Center was setup from the grant of UGC of Rs. 1.45 Lakhs and a separate building for Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University Study Center.


The college offers 04 Principal and 04 Subsidiary subjects for B.A. degree programme as under.

Compulsory Subjects

English is compulsory for all the students at Under Graduate level. Sanskrit is compulsory for First Year B.A. students.



Communication, analytical skills, thinking ability etc; are developed in students by its contribution  to GYANDEEP-PATHEY wall paper. The wall-paper work is done by students self prepared or editorial is done by the teachers.


To impart knowledge is the main purpose of education. Next to knowledge, our second goal is to succeed in read life. New opportunities come in the way in the chosen fields of students in the age of globalization. Moreover they set ready to raise opportunity in public and private sectors. Employment related information is also given to students. Many things such as employment News, the vacancies for jobs published in newspapers qualification’s for particular profession, institutions running professional courses are put up on the notice boards.


Under the two universal truths ‘Health is wealth’ and ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ this institute works to awaken the students to perfect health. Medical checking is compulsory for students getting admission in FYBA. Thalassemia testing is also done by Indian Red Cross Society. Secondly, the seminars and exhibitions for AIDS awareness are held in this college.


During the student life they face educational, social and psychological problems. We provide them with the facility of counseling throughout counseling centre from which they get guidance. The senior lecturer in psychology is in charge of this centre. If required experts are invited for such counseling.



The class room is the first necessity in teaching – learning process. Interaction takes place between the teacher and students in class rooms. There are ten spacious and well ventilated class rooms in the college. In the class room teaching requirements are fully meet i.e. platforms, tables, benches, fans, tube lights and glass black boards. The benefit of modern teaching method is given to students with the help of the Over-Head Projector and power point presentation by the LCD projector.


Curricular and Co-curricular activities are under taken for the all round development of students apart from class room teaching. Hidden power comes out in students through cultural programmes, seminars, quizzes, debates and camp.

Shree Shankarlal Amthalal Desai Auditorium is the place where energy blossom in students. The welcome ceremony for first year students and the farewell programme for last year students are conducted here. Four hundred can be accommodated in this auditorium of 43 x 44 sq ft.

This is an auditorium well ventilated and equipped with power connections. 


There is a separate staff room for college facility. It is a place where teachers discuss educational and social issues. There is an oval table where 25 teachers can sit. This table is very suitable for staff meeting. Separate lockers are given to each teachers with key and locks where they can keep their teaching material. The water cooler is set up for cool drinking water. There are separate toilets for ladies and gents in the staff room with all necessary facilities.


There is a girls room with toilets and baths attached. The room is furnished with chairs and tables for their comfort. There are washing and dressing facilities in the girls’ room.


Sports are the necessary adjuncts to the development of students. Sports are given due importance for the career of students. There is a separate sports room for students where the Director of Physical Education is present. The facility of a table for table tennis, a chess board, a carom board etc; are available for students during their leisure.


There is a vast play ground in the college for Athletic games. On this ground a 200 meter track is designed. Moreover the facilities for the practice of hockey, softball, volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, cricket, kho-kho is exist there.


Computer applications are essential in the age of information and technology. Kumari Monikaben A. Patel Computer Center was set up in the college to impart knowledge of computer applications over and above liberal education. There are thirty computers in this center with a printer, a scanner and a L.C.D. for power – point presentation. The study centre of Dr. Babasahed Ambedkar Open University runs CCC, CIC and CPCS computer course for short terns. A three month computer course is also designed and offered by the college. Joining this course the student can get the basic knowledge to computer applications. Moreover the computer lab possesses with broad band connectivity & LAN


The Network Resource Center was setup from the grant of Rs. 1.45 lac to this college by the UGC during 10th plan. Software and Hardware are brought for computer education from this grant. BSNL broad band connection in the Network  Resource Center as the staff and students can collect world wide information.


The college offers Psychology as a main subject so the students of TYBA perform ten experiments as a part of syllabus. The equipment exits for experiments in learning, perception, illusion, memory, reaction-time, attention fluctuation etc. The photographs of eminent Psychologist are fixed to the wall of laboratory so the student can familiarize themselves with life and work of these Psychologists.


Books are the life and soul of teachers and students. Teachers and students increase their knowledge by reading text books and reference books available in the library. The hunger for reading is satisfied by teachers and students after reading various books stored in the rich college library.

There are more than 8000 books in the library. More than fifty journals & magazines including national journals & magazines are subscribed regularly. Teachers and students acquire awareness of educational, social, political and economic matters through these journals & magazines. In addition eight news papers of Gujarati and English are available in the library. The automation of library books has been accomplished, therefore the teachers and students can get ready information about books from the computer screen in the library. The grant for books and journal provided by the UGC are fully utilized. The library is open from 11:00 to 5:30 p.m. except on public holidays or Sundays. An outstanding reading rooms are made for both students and teachers separately.